2014-01-12 Giuseppe ScrivanoPrepare release 1.15 v1.15
2014-01-07 Håkon VågsetherFix checking the URL length when filename is specified
2013-12-29 Giuseppe ScrivanoRemove some useless if statements
2013-12-29 Giuseppe Scrivanodoc: use GFDL 1.3
2013-12-29 Tim Ruehsenfix GnuTLS connect timeout
2013-12-24 Mike Frysingersample.wgetrc: add links to the manual
2013-12-22 Giuseppe Scrivanognulib: add as a git submodule
2013-11-04 Darshit ShahAdd tests to EXTRA_DIST variable for distribution packaging
2013-11-02 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: update with last changes.
2013-11-02 Giuseppe Scrivanohttp: Increase max header value length to 512
2013-11-02 Pavel Matejahttp: specify Host when CONNECT is used.
2013-10-30 Giuseppe ScrivanoRemove assert which is always true
2013-10-28 Andrea Urbani"LIST" or "LIST -a" ftp command according to the remote...
2013-10-27 Bykov AlekseyFix FTP list parsing & Fix cookies reject
2013-10-27 Bykov AlekseyFix FTP list parsing
2013-10-17 Tim Ruehsenbetter backport availability for PFS feature
2013-10-10 Giuseppe Scrivanotests: do not use -H on IDN tests
2013-10-10 Giuseppe Scrivanoiri: Fix parsing of some URLs contained in HTML documents
2013-10-07 Tim Ruehsenimproved Test-idn-robots.px
2013-10-06 Tim Ruehsenadd/explain quoting of wildcard patterns in wget.texi
2013-09-16 Tim Ruehsenfix bug #39844
2013-09-14 Tim Ruehsenfix --without-ssl compile error
2013-09-07 Tim RuehsenPFS runtime check
2013-09-07 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: cite Perfect-Forward Secrecy
2013-09-07 Tim Ruehsenadded PFS to --secure-protocol
2013-08-23 Tim Ruehsenadd httpsonly to sample wgetrc
2013-08-22 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: cite --https-only.
2013-08-22 Tim Ruehsenadded option --https-only
2013-08-13 Hrvoje NiksicFix misspelling.
2013-08-09 Tim Ruehsengnutls: Prevent CA files from being loaded twice if...
2013-08-09 Will Dietzwget: Fix --version wrapping issue
2013-07-23 Tim Ruehsenopenssl: fix build.
2013-07-22 Darshit ShahFix erroneous error codes when HTTP Digest Authenticati...
2013-07-22 Tim Ruehsenntlm: support libnettle.
2013-07-13 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix some memory leaks a problem introduced with the...
2013-07-13 Steven M. Schwedawarc: Fix some portability issues on VMS.
2013-07-13 Giuseppe ScrivanoMake --backups work as documented
2013-07-13 Giuseppe Scrivanodoc: document --backups
2013-07-13 Steven M. Schwedavms: support --backups
2013-07-12 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix HTTP Digest authentication when the algorithm is...
2013-07-12 Karsten HoppFix timeout option when used with SSL
2013-07-11 Tim Ruehsengnutls: honor connect timeout
2013-07-11 Tomas HozzaDocument missing options and fix --preserve-permissions
2013-07-11 Tomas HozzaSet sock variable to -1 if no persistent conn exists
2013-07-10 Tomas HozzaFix using deadcode and possible use of NULL pointer
2013-06-27 Darshit ShahDownload response body data for all requests
2013-06-25 Ciprian VieruAdd HTML5 media tags to list of known tags and attributes
2013-06-22 Ángel GonzálezCleanup cmd_string_uppercase
2013-06-22 Tim Ruehsenfix segfault in ftp.c (ftp_loop_internal)
2013-06-22 Dave ReisnerFix error in texi2pod intriduced with Perl 5.18
2013-06-16 Ray SatiroMinGW compatibility fixes
2013-06-16 Darshit ShahFollow RFC 2616 and httpbis specifications when handlin...
2013-06-04 Bykov AlekseyRemoving "Could not open temporary WARC manifest file...
2013-05-17 Tim Ruehsenreplaced read_whole_file() by getline()
2013-05-12 Tim Ruehsensrc/utils.c cleanup
2013-05-12 Darshit ShahFix typo in documentation.
2013-05-12 Dmitry BogatovNon-functionality improvement in src/http.c.
2013-05-06 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: cite last change
2013-05-06 manchagnutls: do not abort on non-fatal alerts during handshake
2013-05-04 Darshit ShahFix issue when converting string to uppercase
2013-05-02 Gijs van TulderKeep the same method on a 307 redirect
2013-05-02 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix crash when receiving a HTTP redirect upon a POST...
2013-04-28 Giuseppe Scrivanodoc: add documentation for --accept-regex and --reject...
2013-04-24 Darshit ShahImprove output in case of --post-{file,body} commands.
2013-04-23 Gijs van TulderRemove old reference to opt.post_data.
2013-04-14 Giuseppe Scrivanodoc: add documentation for mega dot style.
2013-04-14 Gijs van Tulderwarc: Follow the guidelines for metadata records
2013-04-14 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: cite --method.
2013-04-14 Darshit ShahAdd a generic --method command to set a method in HTTP...
2013-04-06 Gijs van Tulderwarc: correctly write the field length in the skip...
2013-03-14 Darshit ShahAdd test to ensure correct return code on --post-file...
2013-03-14 Darshit ShahMake wget abort if --post-file does not exist
2013-02-24 Darshit ShahFix behaviour to match RFC 6265 on encountering domain...
2012-12-23 Tim Ruehsenfix --secure-protocol=SSLv2/SSLv3
2012-12-09 Giuseppe ScrivanoDo not honor --config only when used as first long...
2012-12-09 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix a build error with new gnulib versions.
2012-12-09 Michael StapelbergBugfix: Avoid double free of iri->orig_url
2012-11-26 Giuseppe Scrivanowarc: remove a magic number
2012-11-25 Tim RuehsenAdded support for MD5-sess authentication
2012-11-25 Ángel GonzálezFix compilation under gcc -std=c89
2012-11-24 Gijs van Tulderwarc: fix format string for off_t in CDX function.
2012-11-24 Giuseppe Scrivanowarc: fix format string for off_t
2012-11-14 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix comment
2012-11-13 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix -c with servers that don't specify a content-length
2012-11-12 Tim Ruehsenadded check for must-not-match request-header
2012-11-08 Stefano Lattarinidocs: fix errors and warnings with Texinfo 5
2012-11-04 Rohit MathullaSupport shorthand URLs in an input file
2012-10-13 Ray SatiroChange growable string object to null terminate
2012-10-07 Nikolay MerinovRecieve ftp listing even when .listing file exist and...
2012-10-07 Giuseppe ScrivanoFallback to PATH_MAX when pathconf is not available
2012-10-07 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix a regression when -c and --content-dispositionn...
2012-09-30 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: cite the new change.
2012-09-30 Nikolay MerinovSupport new WinNT ftp listing format
2012-09-30 Nikolay MerinovFix autoconf warning
2012-09-29 Tim RuehsenAdd support for file names longer than MAX_FILE.
2012-09-29 Steven SchubigerCombine duplicated code.
2012-09-20 Giuseppe Scrivanobootstrap: update from gnulib.
2012-09-02 Nguyễn Thái... Mark more strings for translation
2012-09-02 Tim Ruehsendon't error if CA directory is empty
2012-09-02 Tim Ruehsengnutls: deinit gnutls_x509_crt_t