2012-08-05 Giuseppe ScrivanoPrepare the new release v1.14
2012-08-04 manchadoc: add ENVIRONMENT section to manpage and minor adjus...
2012-07-08 Giuseppe Scrivanobootstrap: update from gnulib.
2012-07-08 Steven SchubigerInclude missing header.
2012-07-08 Steven SchubigerFix header comments for exits.h and exits.c.
2012-07-08 Giuseppe ScrivanoCite new change in the NEWS file.
2012-07-07 Tim RuehsenAdd support for RFC 2617 Digest Access Authentication
2012-07-07 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix some log messages.
2012-06-17 Giuseppe ScrivanoCheck for fclose errors.
2012-06-16 Giuseppe ScrivanoAdd new test
2012-06-16 Giuseppe ScrivanoMove cleanup related code to `cleanup'
2012-06-16 Giuseppe ScrivanoDo not close stdout twice.
2012-06-09 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix the last commit.
2012-06-09 Giuseppe Scrivanodoc: document new options.
2012-06-09 Giuseppe Scrivanohelp: Move --report-speed under 'Logging and input...
2012-06-09 Giuseppe Scrivanotexi2pod.pl: Revert change from 2011-08-06.
2012-06-06 Giuseppe ScrivanoRename, again, --reports-bits to report-speed.
2012-06-06 Giuseppe ScrivanoRename --bits to --report-bps.
2012-06-04 Tim Ruehsen* fix a few little dissonances
2012-06-02 Giuseppe ScrivanoRevert 2b1dd8d23b987a82d03cfa803aabcb02f80e1066
2012-06-02 Gijs van Tulderwarc: Fix segfault if CDX record is not found.
2012-06-02 Ángel Gonzálezfix segfault on wrong urls (bug 36570)
2012-05-26 Steven SchwedaGuard inclusion of some headers.
2012-05-26 Mike Frysingerwarc: use the right type for the gzip stream
2012-05-26 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse the right type as result from readline.
2012-05-21 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: cite the last change.
2012-05-21 Tim Ruehsengnutls: honor the specified timeout value
2012-05-20 illusionoflifeRemove unused arguments.
2012-05-18 Giuseppe Scrivanowarc: Cut long lines to 80 columns.
2012-05-14 Tim Ruehsenremoved 'const' warnings.
2012-05-14 Tim Ruehsengnutls: do not call fcntl in a loop.
2012-05-13 Giuseppe Scrivanodoc: Document --accept-regex and --reject-regex.
2012-05-13 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse git-version-gen instead of bzr-version-gen.
2012-05-13 Tim Ruehsengnutls: remove deprecated gnutls types.
2012-05-09 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: cite the new feature.
2012-05-09 Gijs van TulderAdd support for -accept-regex and --reject-regex.
2012-05-05 Tim RuehsenFix some compiler warnings.
2012-04-24 Tim RuehsenUse empty query in local filenames.
2012-04-22 Tim RuehsenFix a possible invalid `free'.
2012-04-21 Tim RuehsenSilent compiler warning.
2012-04-21 Tim RuehsenFix memory leak.
2012-04-21 Tim RuehsenFix memory leak.
2012-04-13 Phil PennockAdd support for TLS SNI
2012-04-13 Tim RuehsenFix a memory leak.
2012-04-07 Daniel Kahn... Enable client certificates when GNU TLS is used.
2012-04-01 Gijs van TulderFix a segfault on an incomplete STYLE tag.
2012-04-01 Giuseppe Scrivanognutls: Fix a memory leak.
2012-04-01 Giuseppe Scrivanognutls: do not access unitialized variable.
2012-04-01 Tim Ruehsenwarc: make warc_uuid_str implementation depend on HAVE_...
2012-03-29 Tim Ruehsenactivate itimer support.
2012-03-25 Giuseppe ScrivanoAssume some headers files provided by gnulib are always...
2012-03-25 Ray SatiroFix build under mingw when OpenSSL is used.
2012-03-20 Ángel GonzálezAdd new gnulib modules.
2012-03-08 Steven SchubigerFix typo.
2012-03-05 Sasikantha... Accept --bit option
2012-02-26 Giuseppe ScrivanoReport stdout close errors.
2012-02-25 Gijs van Tulderwarc: support large files.
2012-02-23 Giuseppe ScrivanoPrint some diagnostic messages to stderr not to stdout.
2012-02-23 Giuseppe ScrivanoHandle correctly some malloc failures.
2012-02-23 Giuseppe Scrivanognutls: Remove two unused variables.
2012-02-17 Steven Schubigerwarc: add license header.
2012-01-28 Gijs van TulderAdd support for chunks to the WARC outputter.
2012-01-28 Gijs van TulderFix memory leak.
2012-01-11 Gijs van TulderFix a linker error if zlib is not found.
2012-01-08 Sasikantha... Properly format IPv6 addresses.
2011-12-12 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix regeneration of autotools files in a distributed...
2011-12-11 Giuseppe Scrivanotrunc: check for `close'-ing the fd errors.
2011-11-20 Gijs van TulderFix for gzip bug in WARC + zlib 1.2.4.
2011-11-05 Steven Schwedawarc: Fix a problem under OS X.
2011-11-04 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: cite last changes.
2011-11-04 Steven Schwedagnutls: fix memory leak.
2011-11-04 Gijs van TulderAdd support for WARC files.
2011-10-23 Giuseppe Scrivanobootstrap.conf: Include module `vsnprintf'.
2011-10-23 Steven SchwedaFix some problems under VMS.
2011-10-21 Steven Schubigerparamcheck: Use + quantifier and return copy.
2011-10-06 Henrik HolstAdd support for --content-on-error.
2011-09-27 Karl Berrydoc: Make dir entry consistent with others.
2011-09-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix typo in an inline comment.
2011-09-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix copyright year.
2011-09-13 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: Specify next wget version.
2011-09-13 Giuseppe ScrivanoReturn a network failure when FTP downloads fail and...
2011-09-07 Giuseppe ScrivanoAllow --timestamping and --continue at the same time. v1.13.4
2011-09-06 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: cite last change.
2011-09-06 Jakob MatthesDo not exit prematurely when --help is passed.
2011-09-04 Alan Hourihaneconfigure: check for libz when GNU TLS is used.
2011-09-04 Christian JullienFix a build problem under solaris.
2011-09-02 Mojca MiklavecNow --version works again.
2011-08-30 Giuseppe ScrivanoBump version number in NEWS. v1.13.3
2011-08-30 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix some other problems with GNU TLS and non blocking...
2011-08-29 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix some problems with the GNU TLS backend and not...
2011-08-27 Giuseppe ScrivanoDetect some failures when write to stdout fails.
2011-08-26 Giuseppe Scrivanognutls: Honor read timeout.
2011-08-26 Giuseppe ScrivanoSilent a compiler warning.
2011-08-26 Giuseppe ScrivanoUnder mingw don't check for different OpenSSL when...
2011-08-25 Giuseppe ScrivanoPrefers utime over futimens when available.
2011-08-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoSilence compiler warning.
2011-08-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: Bump version number. v1.13.2
2011-08-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoUpdate ChangeLog
2011-08-18 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix a memory leak.
2011-08-18 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix a build error detected MacOS and NetBSD.