2011-08-30 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix some other problems with GNU TLS and non blocking...
2011-08-29 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix some problems with the GNU TLS backend and not...
2011-08-27 Giuseppe ScrivanoDetect some failures when write to stdout fails.
2011-08-26 Giuseppe Scrivanognutls: Honor read timeout.
2011-08-26 Giuseppe ScrivanoSilent a compiler warning.
2011-08-26 Giuseppe ScrivanoUnder mingw don't check for different OpenSSL when...
2011-08-25 Giuseppe ScrivanoPrefers utime over futimens when available.
2011-08-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoSilence compiler warning.
2011-08-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: Bump version number. v1.13.2
2011-08-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoUpdate ChangeLog
2011-08-18 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix a memory leak.
2011-08-18 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix a build error detected MacOS and NetBSD.
2011-08-18 Giuseppe Scrivanodoc: Don't assume the perl executable is under /usr...
2011-08-18 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix a hang on redirects which change the transfer-encoding
2011-08-16 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: Bump version number. v1.13.1
2011-08-13 Giuseppe ScrivanoDo not define max twice.
2011-08-13 Giuseppe ScrivanoDon't define snprintf and vsnprintf twice.
2011-08-12 Giuseppe Scrivanocss: do not include "wget.h"
2011-08-11 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse sigprocmask instead of sigsetmask.
2011-08-11 Giuseppe Scrivanoconfigure: do not hardcode libraries
2011-08-11 Giuseppe Scrivanobootstrap.conf: add module iconv.
2011-08-11 Giuseppe Scrivanoallow --with-libgnutls-prefix and --with-libssl-prefix.
2011-08-11 Giuseppe Scrivanognutls: don't use gnutls_certificate_type_set_priority.
2011-08-11 Giuseppe ScrivanoDon't invoke hg to set version string.
2011-08-11 Giuseppe Scrivanobzr-version-gen: consider only the last tag.
2011-08-10 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: document that GNU TLS is used by default now.
2011-08-10 Giuseppe Scrivanoconfigure: print usage string for --with-ssl.
2011-08-10 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix a linker error on systems with an older gnutls...
2011-08-09 Giuseppe Scrivanobzr-version-gen: Fix some portability issues. v1.13
2011-08-06 Jochen RoderburgEnsure it doesn't print more IPs than available ones.
2011-08-06 Giuseppe ScrivanoInitialize show_all_dns_entries to false.
2011-08-06 Giuseppe ScrivanoNEWS: finalize the next version number.
2011-08-06 Giuseppe ScrivanoIntroduce `show_all_dns_entries'.
2011-08-06 Giuseppe Scrivanodoc: silence a warning.
2011-08-06 Giuseppe Scrivanotexi2pod.pl: Update from GCC.
2011-08-06 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse Cache-Control when --no-cache is specified.
2011-08-05 Giuseppe ScrivanoAccept always the file if it is the specified output...
2011-08-05 Giuseppe Scrivanognutls: do not use a deprecated function.
2011-08-02 Giuseppe ScrivanoMaintain the cookie value quoted if it was in the serve...
2011-07-29 Giuseppe ScrivanoExit immediately on a SIGPIPE error while logging.
2011-07-28 Noèl Köthedoc: fix typo.
2011-07-26 Giuseppe Scrivanodoc: Remove reference to --cookies option.
2011-07-26 Giuseppe ScrivanoAdd missing files.
2011-07-26 Carlos Martín... Do not use PATH_MAX.
2011-07-26 Giuseppe ScrivanoDo not register redirects when in spider mode.
2011-07-26 Merinov NikolayFix problem with IDN and UTF-8 encoding.
2011-07-05 Giuseppe Scrivanodoc: Make clearer the default recursion level.
2011-06-08 Giuseppe ScrivanoParse URLs read from a file.
2011-06-05 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix indentation.
2011-06-05 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix ChangeLog entry.
2011-05-25 Giuseppe ScrivanoAdd strerror_r-posix module from gnulib.
2011-05-24 Giuseppe ScrivanoDefine max
2011-05-23 Adrien NaderSet stdout mode to binary under Windows.
2011-05-23 Giuseppe ScrivanoAvoid a small buffer when retrieving a file.
2011-05-23 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix error messages under Windows.
2011-05-19 Brett SmithFix copyright year.
2011-05-15 Ray SatiroEnsure sockets are not blocking after a select under...
2011-05-15 Ray Satiroopenssl: Prevent loops on read errors.
2011-04-24 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix GCC warnings.
2011-04-24 Giuseppe ScrivanoUpdate src/ChangeLog.
2011-04-23 Daniel ManriqueSet exit status when invalid host given
2011-04-19 Giuseppe Scrivanognutls: use the blocking socket.
2011-04-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse futimens instead of utimes.
2011-04-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse mkdir module from gnulib.
2011-04-19 Ray Satiroconfigure.ac: fix indentation.
2011-04-18 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse utimes instead of utime.
2011-04-18 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix build error.
2011-04-17 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse correctly FIONBIO values.
2011-04-17 Giuseppe ScrivanoDo not check the host_os twice and if windres is available.
2011-04-16 Ray SatiroDetect dynamically linked OpenSSL libraries.
2011-04-14 Giuseppe ScrivanoAdd new modules from gnulib.
2011-04-14 Giuseppe ScrivanoRemove unused files.
2011-04-14 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse `pipe' and `sigpipe' modules from gnulib.
2011-04-14 Giuseppe Scrivanobootstrap: update from upstream.
2011-04-13 Giuseppe Scrivanoopenssl: make openssl_peek non-blocking.
2011-04-11 Cristian Rodrwuezopenssl: Use SSLv2 only when available.
2011-04-07 Giuseppe Scrivano Remove tight loop around gnutls_record_recv.
2011-04-07 Giuseppe ScrivanoAllow X509 v1 certificates.
2011-04-07 Ray Satirognutls: Check for the GNUTLS_E_AGAIN return code.
2011-04-07 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix a bug recently introduced in wgnutls_peek.
2011-04-04 Giuseppe Scrivanoopenssl: Retry to read if a non-blocking socket returns...
2011-04-04 Giuseppe ScrivanoEnsure FD_TO_SOCKET is defined under Windows.
2011-04-04 Giuseppe ScrivanoSilent compiler warning under Windows.
2011-04-03 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix openssl detection under Windows.
2011-04-03 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix build under Windows.
2011-04-03 Giuseppe ScrivanoMake wgnutls_peek non blocking.
2011-03-30 Giuseppe ScrivanoNow --no-parent doesn't fetch wrong files if HTTP and...
2011-03-30 Giuseppe ScrivanoAdd new line to some debug messages.
2011-03-26 Giuseppe Scrivanoconfigure: Fix gnutls detection.
2011-03-21 Giuseppe Scrivanodoc: Do not cite the current maintainer.
2011-03-21 Giuseppe ScrivanoSilent compiler warning.
2011-03-21 Giuseppe ScrivanoSilent compiler warning.
2011-03-21 Giuseppe ScrivanoUpdate bootstrap script.
2011-03-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoUpdate prerequisites list.
2011-03-11 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix some memory leaks.
2011-03-03 Filipe BrandenburgerSupport HTTP/1.1 307 redirects keep request method.
2011-03-02 Filipe BrandenburgerDo not adjust the extension if the file ends in .htm.
2011-02-24 Gilles CarryUse stderr instead of stdout to prompt password.
2011-02-23 Steven SchubigerMove duplicated code in http.c to a function
2011-01-01 Giuseppe Scrivanomass change: update copyright years.