NEWS: cite --start-pos
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2014-03-21 Yousong ZhouTests: Add constraint on https for --https-only test.
2014-03-21 Yousong ZhouTests: Add test cases for option --start-pos.
2014-03-21 Yousong ZhouTests: exclude existing files from the check of unexpec...
2014-03-21 Yousong ZhouTests: fix TYPE and RETR command handling.
2014-01-27 Lars WendlerDon't use --debug in Test--post-file.px
2013-11-04 Darshit ShahAdd tests to EXTRA_DIST variable for distribution packaging
2013-10-28 Andrea Urbani"LIST" or "LIST -a" ftp command according to the remote...
2013-10-10 Giuseppe Scrivanotests: do not use -H on IDN tests
2013-10-07 Tim Ruehsenimproved Test-idn-robots.px
2013-08-22 Tim Ruehsenadded option --https-only
2013-03-14 Darshit ShahAdd test to ensure correct return code on --post-file...
2012-11-12 Tim Ruehsenadded check for must-not-match request-header
2012-06-16 Giuseppe ScrivanoAdd new test
2011-07-26 Giuseppe ScrivanoAdd missing files.
2011-07-26 Merinov NikolayFix problem with IDN and UTF-8 encoding.
2011-04-19 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse futimens instead of utimes.
2011-04-03 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix openssl detection under Windows.
2011-01-01 Giuseppe Scrivanomass change: update copyright years.
2010-10-23 Giuseppe Scrivanognutls: fix build under mingw32.
2010-09-12 Mike Frysingertests: Fix some failures because of missing --trust...
2010-06-04 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse /usr/bin/env to find the perl interpreter.
2010-05-29 Giuseppe ScrivanoAdd new test.
2010-05-15 Giuseppe ScrivanoUse the gnulib md5 module.
2010-05-08 Giuseppe ScrivanoMass update copyright years.
2010-05-07 Giuseppe ScrivanoFix unit tests build in a VPATH.
2010-03-01 Steven SchubigerMake -i work with FTP.
2010-02-26 Steven SchubigerTest -i with HTTP.
2010-02-25 Steven SchubigerAdd port substitution for FTP to tests.
2009-10-14 Steven SchubigerAlso remove -d (--debug) from .px tests.
2009-09-27 Micah CowanRemove --debug from .px tests.
2009-09-24 Micah CowanFixed some test names.
2009-09-22 Micah Cowan[mq]: cfg-mk
2009-09-08 Micah Cowanrun-px: exit with failure if unknown exit codes.
2009-09-08 Micah CowanTest for Content-Disposition in HTTP auth.
2009-09-08 Micah CowanAttempted, but failed, to reproduce bug 22403.
2009-09-06 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2009-09-06 Micah CowanRegression test for getftp bug (fails).
2009-09-06 Micah CowanRewrote to avoid filesystem; added Test...
2009-09-05 Steven SchubigerEnhance tests to include feature checking.
2009-09-05 Micah CowanError-checking improvements to
2009-09-02 Micah CowanRemove harmful dependency line for unit-tests.
2009-09-01 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2009-09-01 Micah CowanMake run-unit-tests _always_ make libunittest.a.
2009-09-01 Steven SchubigerAdd more testfiles to dist.
2009-08-31 Steven SchubigerAdd testfile to dist.
2009-08-29 Steven SchubigerEscape semicolons when converting links (#27272).
2009-08-28 Micah CowanImproved exit status handling.
2009-08-27 Micah CowanHeed cookies from 401s.
2009-07-28 Micah Cowan--restrict-file-names=ascii
2009-07-27 Micah CowanDocumentation fixes for IRI options, and rename --local...
2009-07-07 Steven SchubigerMake IDN/IRI tests part of distribution.
2009-07-06 Micah CowanFix meta name=robots.
2009-07-04 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2009-07-04 Micah CowanPrefer --no-iri over --iri=no.
2009-07-02 Micah CowanReferer/IRI fix.
2009-07-01 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2009-06-30 Micah CowanFTP recursion test, when IRI is on.
2009-06-29 Micah CowanPercent-coded value test.
2009-06-29 Micah CowanChangelog entry for past few checkins.
2009-06-29 Micah CowanFix Test-ftp-iri.
2009-06-25 Micah CowanMerge with mainline.
2009-06-14 Micah CowanMake distcheck happy.
2009-06-13 Micah CowanMerge in gerel's url-parsing stuff.
2009-06-12 Benjamin WolseyAllow proxied-https-auth test to function when building...
2009-04-11 Steven SchubigerSkip running rc files while executing tests.
2009-03-03 Steven SchubigerAdjust copyright years.
2009-02-25 Benjamin WolseyFixes to make tests work when building outside the...
2008-12-04 Micah CowanRobots idn test.
2008-12-04 Micah CowanFix test names.
2008-12-01 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2008-11-27 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2008-11-27 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2008-11-26 Micah CowanMore module-scoped warnings.
2008-11-26 Micah CowanMerge with mainline.
2008-11-25 Steven SchubigerRemove another shebang line.
2008-11-13 Steven SchubigerPurge orphaned whitespace in test libraries.
2008-11-12 Steven SchubigerUse lexical warnings in test scripts.
2008-11-12 Steven SchubigerRemove shebang line from test libraries.
2008-11-11 Micah CowanTest --auth-no-challenge, for URL- and option-specified...
2008-11-07 Steven SchubigerAdd colors to test summary.
2008-11-06 stsCall tests with executable name.
2008-11-06 Micah Cowanuse strict in run-px.
2008-09-27 Saint XavierIRI requirement: do not percent-encode already percent...
2008-09-10 Micah CowanTest-idn-cmd.px.
2008-08-28 Micah CowanTest for IDN, based on meta-specified encoding.
2008-08-28 Micah CowanIDN test.
2008-08-28 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2008-08-23 Micah CowanTest for -c shorter content (#23613).
2008-08-23 Micah CowanDependency improvements (but still needs some work).
2008-08-22 Micah CowanTest for -O, -nc.
2008-08-14 Xavier SaintAutomated merge.
2008-08-14 Xavier SaintAutomated merge.
2008-08-14 Xavier SaintUpdate tests/Changelog for Test-iri-list.px
2008-08-14 Xavier SaintCorrect iri handling while fetching a remote file list...
2008-08-07 Xavier SaintAutomated merge.
2008-08-04 Xavier SaintUpdate tests/ChangeLog for the 6 new tests for testing...
2008-08-03 Xavier SaintAutomated merge.
2008-08-03 Xavier SaintUse --restrict-file-names=nocontrol during Test-iri...
2008-08-02 Xavier SaintAutomated merge.
2008-08-02 Xavier SaintTest FTP IRI support