Fix compiler warnings
[wget] / src / utils.h
2014-05-12 Tim RuehsenFix compiler warnings
2013-05-17 Tim Ruehsenreplaced read_whole_file() by getline()
2012-09-29 Tim RuehsenAdd support for file names longer than MAX_FILE.
2012-05-09 Gijs van TulderAdd support for -accept-regex and --reject-regex.
2012-05-05 Tim RuehsenFix some compiler warnings.
2011-01-01 Giuseppe Scrivanomass change: update copyright years.
2010-07-09 Giuseppe ScrivanoRename two functions.
2010-05-08 Giuseppe ScrivanoMass update copyright years.
2009-09-12 Steven SchwedaFixes needed for VMS.
2009-09-04 Micah CowanRan update-copyright.
2009-07-04 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2008-08-14 Xavier SaintAutomated merge.
2008-08-09 Steven SchubigerRemoved dead DEBUG_MALLOC code.
2008-07-11 Micah CowanMerge current tip with CSS stuff.
2008-06-14 Micah CowanMerge build info with head.
2008-05-16 Micah CowanMerging heads.
2008-05-16 Micah CowanMerge getpass with quote, plus my NEWS entry.
2008-05-16 Micah CowanMerge quote module stuff with current mainline.
2008-04-22 Micah CowanSteven Schweda's VMS patch.
2008-04-22 Micah CowanMerging Ted Mielczarek's CSS changes with tip.
2008-04-20 Steven SchubigerUndo the USE_GNULIB_ALLOC defines.
2008-04-18 Steven SchubigerUse Gnulib's alloc functions throughout the source.
2008-01-25 Micah CowanUpdated copyright year.
2007-12-08 Micah CowanMerge SFLC licensing changes for OpenSSL with tip.
2007-11-28 Micah CowanUpdated licensing exception for OpenSSL from the SFLC.
2007-10-06 Micah CowanMerging with previous updates.
2007-10-05 Micah CowanAutomated merge with file:/home/micah/devel/wget/eleven
2007-10-03 Micah CowanMerge with mainline
2007-09-28 Micah CowanMerge from mainline
2007-09-28 Micah CowanUpdate copyright lists, conforming to maintainer guidelines
2007-07-10 micah[svn] Merge of fix for bugs 20341 and 20410.
2006-08-08 hniksic[svn] Avoid code repetition between time_str and dateti...
2006-07-14 mtortonesi[svn] Added sanity checks for -k, -p, -r and -N when...
2006-06-20 hniksic[svn] Made base64 DATA and DEST pointers void*.
2006-03-15 mtortonesi[svn] Restricted operational semantics of frontcmp...
2005-07-06 hniksic[svn] New option --ignore-case for case-insensitive...
2005-07-02 hniksic[svn] Update FSF's address and copyright years.
2005-06-28 hniksic[svn] Include ETA information in dot progress.
2005-06-25 hniksic[svn] Rewrite with_thousand_seps to be size-agnostic...
2005-06-25 hniksic[svn] Rename LARGE_INT to SUM_SIZE_INT, and simplify...
2005-06-22 hniksic[svn] Use bool type for boolean variables and values.
2005-06-19 hniksic[svn] Remove K&R support.
2005-05-30 hniksic[svn] Allow --header to contain ",".
2005-04-24 hniksic[svn] Added reordering of addresses to try IPv4 first...
2005-04-18 hniksic[svn] Change orders of parameters of base64_encode...
2005-04-07 hniksic[svn] Extract timers to a separate file.
2005-04-06 hniksic[svn] Added NTLM support.
2005-03-30 hniksic[svn] Use sets/hash-tables instead of "slists". Remove...
2005-03-22 hniksic[svn] Support human-readable file size printing.
2005-03-20 hniksic[svn] Use high-resolution timers on Windows.
2005-03-19 hniksic[svn] Concatenate strings using concat_strings.
2005-03-06 hniksic[svn] Remove warnings under Borland C.
2005-03-04 hniksic[svn] Fix a possible race condition when opening files.
2005-02-23 hniksic[svn] Large file support added. Published in <87psyr6j...
2003-11-29 hniksic[svn] Restructure generation of HTTP requests. Allow...
2003-11-08 hniksic[svn] Timer code update.
2003-11-03 hniksic[svn] New function xsleep that resumes sleeps interrupt...
2003-10-31 hniksic[svn] Don't declare long-gone function "pwd_cuserid".
2003-10-31 hniksic[svn] Moved malloc-related code to xmalloc.c. Defined...
2003-10-11 hniksic[svn] Remove VERY_LONG_TYPE; use LARGE_INT instead...
2003-10-07 hniksic[svn] Move fnmatch() to cmpt.c and don't use it under...
2003-09-20 hniksic[svn] Allow decimal values for --timeout, --wait, and...
2003-09-16 hniksic[svn] Allow unique_name to return the FILE argument...
2003-09-15 hniksic[svn] Implement xdigit_to_xchar more efficiently.
2002-05-18 hniksic[svn] Update the license to include the OpenSSL exception.
2002-05-08 hniksic[svn] Allow match_tail to be case insensitive.
2002-04-14 hniksic[svn] Add the POST method.
2002-04-13 hniksic[svn] Generalize connect_with_timeout into run_with_tim...
2002-04-12 abbotti[svn] Use new function to test filename for common...
2001-12-17 hniksic[svn] Use the new function `random_number' that doesn...
2001-12-14 hniksic[svn] Move path_simplify to url.c.
2001-12-10 hniksic[svn] Rename long_to_string to number_to_string, and...
2001-12-01 hniksic[svn] Match hosts against domains per Netscape cookie...
2001-11-25 hniksic[svn] Attempt to quote '?' as "%3F" when linking to...
2001-11-25 hniksic[svn] Implemented breadth-first retrieval.
2001-11-22 hniksic[svn] Rewrite parsing and handling of URLs.
2001-05-27 hniksic[svn] Update copyright notices.
2001-05-12 hniksic[svn] Commit several minor changes:
2001-04-24 hniksic[svn] New timer functions. Published in <sxs8zkp28vk...
2001-04-08 hniksic[svn] Added support for cookies.
2000-11-22 hniksic[svn] Committed memory debugging stuff.
2000-11-22 hniksic[svn] Committed <sxsbsv854j9.fsf@florida.arsdigita...
2000-11-21 hniksic[svn] Committed a bunch of different tweaks of mine.
2000-11-19 hniksic[svn] A bunch of new features:
2000-11-01 hniksic[svn] Updated long_to_string(); enhanced opt.downloaded...
1999-12-02 kwget[svn] Initial revision