Fix compiler warnings
[wget] / src / iri.c
2014-05-12 Tim RuehsenFix compiler warnings
2011-07-26 Merinov NikolayFix problem with IDN and UTF-8 encoding.
2011-01-01 Giuseppe Scrivanomass change: update copyright years.
2010-05-31 Giuseppe ScrivanoRemove an unused function and an unused local variable.
2010-05-08 Giuseppe ScrivanoMass update copyright years.
2009-09-22 Micah Cowan[mq]: cfg-mk
2009-09-04 Micah CowanRan update-copyright.
2009-07-28 Marcel Telka"invalide" -> "invalid"
2009-07-05 Micah CowanMark some iri.c strings for translation.
2009-07-04 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2009-07-01 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2009-06-29 Micah CowanFix Test-iri-list.
2009-06-25 Micah CowanMerge with mainline.
2008-12-01 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2008-11-27 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2008-11-26 Micah CowanMerge with mainline.
2008-09-27 Saint XavierIRI requirement: do not percent-encode already percent...
2008-08-28 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2008-08-15 Saint XavierFix a double quoting
2008-08-14 Xavier SaintAutomated merge.
2008-08-07 Xavier SaintAutomated merge.
2008-08-04 Xavier Saintiri.h is already included in wget.h, so don't include...
2008-08-03 Xavier SaintSome cleanups in iri.c
2008-08-02 Xavier SaintAutomated merge.
2008-08-02 Xavier Saintquote*() functions don't like that much NULL arg
2008-08-01 Xavier SaintAdd a missing return...
2008-07-30 Xavier Saintopt.remote_encoding should not override opt.locale...
2008-07-24 Saint XavierUse DEBUGP instead of commenting out all the _wonderful...
2008-07-23 Saint XavierAutomated merge.
2008-07-23 Saint XavierChange global variable model for state-object
2008-07-21 Saint XavierDo not free/duplicate current/remote encoding string...
2008-07-20 Saint XavierAutomated merge.
2008-07-20 Saint XavierUse the right flags for idna conversion (RFC3987 sectio...
2008-07-20 Saint XavierMake get_utf8_encode() directly aware of ugly_no_encode...
2008-07-20 Saint XavierAdd some comments in iri.c and change a variable name...
2008-07-20 Saint XavierGet rid of the supplementary bool pointer in url_parse...
2008-07-20 Saint XavierBasic IDN/IRI support
2008-07-02 Saint XavierShow also the hostname in the locale when possible
2008-07-01 Saint XavierEmit a message if we found invalid or incomplete multib...
2008-07-01 Saint XavierFix copyright year and some GNU coding style
2008-06-26 Saint XavierAutomated merge.
2008-06-26 Saint XavierAutomated merge.
2008-06-26 Saint XavierBasic support of IRIs.
2008-06-19 Saint XavierIntroduce a new function check_encoding_name() for...
2008-06-19 Saint XavierSet an initial value for IRIs options and some minor...
2008-06-19 Saint XavierIntroduce find_locale() to find out local system encoding.
2008-06-19 Saint XavierThe prefered way is to avoid #ifdef flooding, so take...