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2009-07-05 Micah CowanGnulib updates.
2009-07-04 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2008-07-11 Micah CowanMerge current tip with CSS stuff.
2008-06-14 Micah CowanMerge build info with head.
2008-06-08 Saint XavierAutomaetd merge.
2008-06-01 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2008-05-30 Micah CowanExplicitly import quotearg gnulib module.
2008-05-16 Micah CowanMerging heads.
2008-05-16 Micah CowanMerge getpass with quote, plus my NEWS entry.
2008-05-16 Micah CowanMerge quote module stuff with current mainline.
2008-04-30 Steven SchubigerUse gnulib's getpass-gnu module for password prompting.
2008-04-22 Micah CowanMerging Ted Mielczarek's CSS changes with tip.
2008-04-18 Steven SchubigerImport Gnulib's alloca module.
2008-04-14 Micah CowanImport "quote" module from gnulib; update the rest.
2008-01-25 Micah CowanUpdated copyright year.
2007-12-08 Micah CowanMoved md5 stuff out into separate md5/ dir.
2007-12-08 Micah CowanMerge SFLC licensing changes for OpenSSL with tip.
2007-11-28 Micah CowanUpdated licensing exception for OpenSSL from the SFLC.
2007-10-31 Micah CowanMerging to bring en@*.po back in (and removed from...
2007-10-22 Micah Cowangnulib-tool --update; includes fix for maint.mk/gzip...
2007-10-18 Micah CowanMerging to reinstate autoreconf.
2007-10-15 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2007-10-14 Micah CowanImported gnulib's crypto/md5.
2007-10-14 Micah CowanInitial gnulib-tool --import.
2007-10-13 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2007-10-11 Micah CowanAutomated merge with file:/home/micah/devel/wget/eleven
2007-10-11 Micah CowanMerged with eleven for Gisle's mswindows.c patch.
2007-10-09 Micah CowanRemoved defunct wget-specific NLS macros; Make configur...
2007-10-09 Micah CowanAutomated merge with file:/home/micah/devel/wget/eleven
2007-10-09 Micah CowanMerge with mainline.
2007-10-09 Micah CowanBring up-to-date with gettext.
2007-10-06 Micah CowanMerging with previous Makefile.in updates.
2007-10-05 Micah CowanAutomated merge with file:/home/micah/devel/wget/eleven
2007-10-03 Micah CowanMerge with mainline
2007-09-28 Micah CowanMerge from mainline
2007-09-28 Micah CowanUpdate copyright lists, conforming to maintainer guidelines
2007-08-16 micah[svn] Fix #20736: wget.m4 adjustments (m4 quotation)
2007-07-10 micah[svn] Merge of fix for bugs 20341 and 20410.
2005-06-29 hniksic[svn] Unconditionally include locale.h.
2005-06-26 hniksic[svn] Use the proper GPL header.
2005-06-24 hniksic[svn] Include m4/*.m4 from configure.in.
2005-06-24 mtortonesi[svn] Remove m4/README.
2005-06-24 mtortonesi[svn] Removed libtool and switched to config.rpath...