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Updated config.guess, config.sub, install.sh.
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2009-07-29 Micah CowanRename --html-extension to --adjust-extension.
2009-07-28 Micah CowanDocument new features in --restrict-file-names.
2009-07-04 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2009-07-04 Micah CowanUpdates to NEWS and AUTHORS.
2008-12-01 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2008-11-26 Micah CowanMerge with mainline.
2008-11-05 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2008-11-01 Micah CowanMailing list move.
2008-10-26 Steven SchubigerDocument missing wgetrc options.
2008-08-14 Xavier SaintAutomated merge.
2008-08-07 Xavier SaintAutomated merge.
2008-08-04 Micah Cowanjff: option for specifying the default page-name.
2008-07-20 Saint XavierAutomated merge.
2008-07-12 Micah Cowan-i accepts URLs (stsc). For #21265.
2008-07-11 Micah CowanMerge current tip with CSS stuff.
2008-06-30 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2008-06-30 Micah CowanChangeLog entry for NEWS, and re-arrange entries so...
2008-06-30 Micah CowanNEWS for 1.11.4.
2008-06-14 Micah CowanMerge build info with head.
2008-05-16 Micah CowanMerging heads.
2008-05-16 Micah CowanMerge getpass with quote, plus my NEWS entry.
2008-05-16 Micah CowanMerge quote module stuff with current mainline.
2008-05-13 Micah CowanUpdated NEWS for 1.11.3.
2008-05-01 Micah CowanNEWS updated from 1.11.2.
2008-04-30 Steven SchubigerUse gnulib's getpass-gnu module for password prompting.
2008-04-24 Micah CowanAdd NEWS item for CSS (and remove some inappropriate...
2008-04-22 Micah CowanMerging Ted Mielczarek's CSS changes with tip.
2008-03-24 Micah CowanAdded accept/reject doc changes to NEWS, and rearranged...
2008-03-24 Micah CowanAdd --no-parents doc change to NEWS.
2008-02-11 Micah CowanNEWS re --auth-no-challenge.
2008-02-11 Micah CowanNEWS update re renamed files at connection loss.
2008-02-07 Micah CowanNEWS update.
2008-02-03 Micah CowanShift 1.11 line down below mainline section.
2008-02-03 Micah CowanAdded 1.11.1 (just bugfixes) to NEWS.
2008-01-25 Micah CowanUpdated copyright year.
2008-01-24 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2008-01-24 Micah CowanMerging content-disposition documentation fixes from...
2007-12-08 Micah CowanMore attention to Content-Disposition's buggy state.
2007-12-08 Micah CowanMerge SFLC licensing changes for OpenSSL with tip.
2007-10-18 Micah CowanMerging to reinstate autoreconf.
2007-10-15 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2007-10-15 Micah CowanNEWS updates re Automake and Gnulib.
2007-10-13 Micah CowanAutomated merge.
2007-10-13 Micah CowanAutomated merge with file:/home/micah/devel/wget/mailin...
2007-10-13 Micah CowanAutomated merge with file:/home/micah/devel/wget/eleven...
2007-10-13 Micah CowanRemove PATCHES in favor of http://wget.addictivecode...
2007-10-12 Micah CowanUpdate repo info in NEWS.
2007-10-11 Micah CowanAutomated merge with file:/home/micah/devel/wget/eleven
2007-10-11 Micah CowanMerged with eleven for Gisle's mswindows.c patch.
2007-10-09 Micah CowanAutomated merge with file:/home/micah/devel/wget/eleven
2007-10-06 Micah Cowanconfigure.in adapted to automake; announce in NEWS...
2007-10-06 Micah CowanMerging with previous Makefile.in updates.
2007-10-05 Micah CowanAutomated merge with file:/home/micah/devel/wget/eleven
2007-10-03 Micah CowanNEWS: content_disposition is experimental.
2007-10-03 Micah CowanNote missing functionality from current GnuTLS support.
2007-10-03 Micah CowanMerge with mainline
2007-09-28 Micah CowanMerge from mainline
2007-09-28 Micah CowanUpdate copyright lists, conforming to maintainer guidelines
2007-09-13 Micah CowanRemoved TODO
2007-09-13 micah[svn] Removed TODO file
2007-08-30 micah[svn] Fix #20322 - Use timestamp from most recent response.
2007-08-08 micah[svn] Fix for #20659 - Content-Disposition off by default.
2007-08-07 micah[svn] Fix for bug #20321: --with-libssl-prefix=<path...
2007-07-30 micah[svn] NEWS re new --max-redirect option.
2007-07-30 micah[svn] Fix for bug #20296: User:pass@ given in Referer...
2007-07-30 micah[svn] Fix for bug #20299: Basic auth creds sent before...
2006-04-05 hniksic[svn] Document the support for Content-Disposition.
2005-08-27 hniksic[svn] Mention GnuTLS support.
2005-07-06 hniksic[svn] New option --ignore-case for case-insensitive...
2005-07-06 hniksic[svn] Updated copyright year.
2005-07-02 hniksic[svn] Don't imply that dot progress being used by defau...
2005-07-01 hniksic[svn] Mention ETA being available for dot progress.
2005-06-22 hniksic[svn] Reorder the two new entries.
2005-06-22 hniksic[svn] Mention the Subversion repository.
2005-06-22 hniksic[svn] Remove the "lockable boolean" setting for passive...
2005-05-14 hniksic[svn] Consolidated SSL/TLS entries.
2005-05-11 hniksic[svn] *** empty log message ***
2005-05-11 hniksic[svn] Mention that the server's certificate is now...
2005-05-06 hniksic[svn] Mention the redesign of SSL options.
2005-05-05 hniksic[svn] Minor rewording of the IPv6 entry.
2005-04-28 hniksic[svn] Advertise new-style syntax --no-dns-cache instead...
2005-04-27 hniksic[svn] Fix typo in --keep-session entry; reformat to...
2005-04-27 mtortonesi[svn] Reorder announcements in NEWS according to their...
2005-04-27 mtortonesi[svn] Add the --user, --password, --ftp-user and -...
2005-04-26 hniksic[svn] Better explain --keep-session-cookies.
2005-04-23 hniksic[svn] Advertise NTLM support. Explain why SSL over...
2005-04-17 hniksic[svn] Mention that IPv6 doesn't work on Windows.
2005-03-06 hniksic[svn] Use the passive FTP transfer mode by default.
2005-02-23 hniksic[svn] Large file support added. Published in <87psyr6j...
2004-03-25 hniksic[svn] Announce that wget -b now works under Windows.
2003-12-06 hniksic[svn] Document new implementation of continuing partial...
2003-12-06 hniksic[svn] New option --protocol-directories.
2003-12-06 hniksic[svn] Reword the HTTP/0.9 entry.
2003-11-30 hniksic[svn] Mention that HTTP/0.9 now works.
2003-11-29 hniksic[svn] Restructure generation of HTTP requests. Allow...
2003-11-28 hniksic[svn] Document that SSL passthrough now works.
2003-11-14 hniksic[svn] Mention the 1.9.1 release.
2003-11-11 hniksic[svn] Mention progress bar improvement.
2003-11-11 hniksic[svn] Updated options news and the IPv6 changes news.
2003-11-07 hniksic[svn] Document the existence of --preserve-permissions.