2013-03-21 Samuel JeroLook for IPv4 AND IPv6 in captures with RAW link layers master
2013-02-14 Samuel JeroMinor Makefile change for greater compatibility
2013-02-14 Samuel JeroAdd Support for Ethernet VLAN tags
2013-02-07 Samuel JeroAdd a multiple connection test capture
2013-02-06 Samuel JeroAdded tag v1.6 for changeset d75a2b82fd2e
2013-02-06 Samuel JeroUpdate ChangeLog for version 1.6
2013-02-06 Samuel JeroSwitch debug (-d) flag to a verbose (-v) flag
2013-02-06 Samuel JeroAllow Pretty printing IP Addresses in connection inform...
2013-02-06 Samuel JeroCleanup types throughout code
2013-02-06 Samuel JeroImprove connection support by adding DEAD and IGNORE...
2013-02-05 Samuel JeroUpdate documentation now that CCID3 is supported
2013-02-05 Samuel JeroRename CCID2 capture and add CCID3 captures
2013-02-05 Samuel JeroIPv6 encapsulation bugfix
2013-02-05 Samuel JeroAddition of CCID3 support!!! Involves major refactoring.
2013-02-03 Samuel JeroAdd CCID2 captures to repo
2013-02-03 Samuel JeroChecksum computation!
2013-02-03 Samuel JeroUpdate documentation to reflect -V and -h flags
2013-02-03 Samuel JeroSplit CCID2 specific code out into its own file.
2012-12-30 Samuel JeroAdd manpage
2012-11-11 Samuel JeroAdd GNU GPL headers to all files
2012-11-11 Samuel JeroIPv6 support!
2011-11-30 Samuel JeroAdded tag v1.5 for changeset aa7eacc63608
2011-11-30 Samuel JeroUpdate Changelog, Release Notes, and File Headers for...
2011-11-28 Samuel JeroTag older versions in repository
2011-11-27 Samuel JeroAllow DCCP input file to be stdin. This enables handlin...
2011-11-27 Samuel JeroConnection closing improvements and explicit cleanup...
2011-11-17 Samuel JeroKeep debug output from slowing program down after massi...
2011-11-16 Samuel JeroCleanup Sequence Number Initialization
2011-11-16 Samuel JeroInsert checks for truncated headers and too long options
2011-11-16 Samuel JeroIgnore directory of CCID 2 captures
2011-11-16 Samuel JeroIP->Total_Length encapsulation fix and DCCP options fix
2011-11-16 Samuel Jerobugfix for 6667c43df783 "Add warning about malformed...
2011-11-16 Samuel JeroHandle connections whose request/response was never...
2011-11-15 Samuel JeroMultiple connection support segfault fixes
2011-11-03 Samuel JeroRemoved tag 10a6ec90813f
2011-11-03 Samuel JeroRemoved tag v1.4
2011-11-03 Samuel JeroAdded tag 10a6ec90813f, v1.4 for changeset d7c91b0cb142
2011-07-13 Samuel JeroMultiple Connection Support
2011-06-08 Samuel JeroModified .hgignore
2011-06-08 Samuel JeroAdd warning about malformed ACK vectors
2011-05-26 Samuel JeroCorrect Maximum Number of TCP SACK blocks
2011-05-25 Samuel JeroOption to only show Ack Vectors/SACKS with loss
2011-05-16 Samuel JeroRedesign Encapsulation System
2011-04-17 Samuel JeroSplit out the Ethernet/IPv4 encapsulation
2011-02-02 Samuel JeroRedesign Sequence number conversion system
2011-01-20 Samuel JeroInitial Addition of Code (version 1.1)