I'm a Christian

When I say I'm a Christian, I mean that I believe that there is a God who created the world and all people, including me. However, all people, especially me, have rejected His commands and chosen to follow our own selfish, evil desires. We told God we didn't need or want Him any more. A quick look around our world today reveals the terrible results. The Bible describes the whole earth as growning in pain because of this evil (Romans 8:22). God is just and cannot overlook this evil, the penalty for which is death and eternal separation from God.

But GOD is also merciful and loved us enough that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to earth as a man 2,000 years ago. Jesus lived a perfect life and died a criminal's death: a brutal death by asphyxiation as a result of exhaustion on a cross, a method of torture perfected by the Romans. In doing so, He took upon himself our evil and paid the penalty in full. Because He alone lived a perfect life, He alone was qualified to pay the penalty for others. When Jesus Christ rose again, three days after his death, He confirmed that He really did have the power to pay that penalty. Many crackpots have claimed incredible things, but Jesus proved His claim by demonstrating His power over Death itself. Because of Christ's sacrfice, the penalty for our sins has been paid. All we have to do is admit that we can't save ourselves from our evil and ask for Christ's sacrifice to cover us.

The story doesn't end here, however. Christ's sacrfice cost too much for us to simply stay in our evil sins. You see, if Christ was willing to die for me, what can I do but thank Him by giving my life over to His guidance. God has a plan for each person, a plan that is so much greater than anything that you could ever imagine. In my life the results haven't been incredibly dramatic, but they are obvious none-the-less: I attended a different University for my undergraduate than I would have otherwise done and I took a summer to develop websites telling others about the good news of Jesus Christ, among other things.

Blind faith is not necessary. I am an engineer; we seek to know how things work and why. The more I learn about science, about the universe, and even about people, the more the correctness of Christianity is confirmed to me.

Many times Christians are portrayed as narrow-minded people who are easily offended. Unfortunately, that is true of some, but let me tell you this: There is no discussion or question or challenge that will offend me. I am willing to discuss my beliefs with you and am not offended by people that refuse to believe what I believe or who challenge my beliefs in a civil manner. If what I have said here interests you and you would like to know more please email me.